Our capacity


Our capacity

Our human capacity
M-Vector has all the necessary resources for implementation of complex and large-scale projects. We have: 

  • Over 100 full-time specialists
  • Consultants, analysts, project managers and administrative staff
  • All analysts have a mathematical, economic or sociological background.
  • Top managers have MBA.
  • More than 800 fieldwork specialists: interviewers, supervisors, recruiters, validators, key punchers. Our interviewers are multilingual, can conduct interviews in several languages. Our supervisors work in every region of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Our technical capabilities

  • Five CATI facilities, 60 operators in total

  • Focus group facilities equipped with video and audio recording

  • More than 150 tablets

  • More than 100 trained "Mystery Shoppers"