Training "Team and team building", M-Vector Tajikistan

Training "Team and team building", M-Vector Tajikistan

When a team acts cohesively, solves tasks shoulder to shoulder, increases the efficiency of all business processes, and increases competitiveness. And the main thing here is that the growth is not due to the attraction of new resources, but due to internal reserves.

The training "Team and team building" for operators and interviewers of the company was held in M-VECTOR Tajikistan.

During the training, various games and exercises were used aimed at uniting participants into a team, gaining positive skills of interaction in a team, and improving communication within the team.

Why is it important for a company to have a well-coordinated team?

  • Joint solution of common tasks, when everyone invests their talents and skills, is more effective than simply submitting to the leader.
  • Creativity of solutions increases, because there are as many views on the problem as the team members are familiar with it.
  • Increases efficiency and discipline.
  • There is less risk of critical errors, because everyone in the team feels responsible for the final result, and not just for their own area of work.
  • Employee loyalty increases, motivation increases, and without additional payment.

According to the results of the training, M-VECTOR employees gained experience in positive and effective
interaction in a team and strengthened their skills of interaction in a team. And judging by the feedback after the training, their loyalty to the company has also increased.

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