The M-VECTOR team is growing and embracing new horizons!

The M-VECTOR team is growing and embracing new horizons!

Our company is growing and developing, of course, the number of employees is also growing. Literally every month there is a replenishment in our team.

Now we have more than 90 employees on our team, and this is only full-time, not counting the experts and field specialists involved! Our specialists work with completely different and global projects, including a survey of the population in 10 countries of the world (!).


  • Career growth and development. 80% of employees in senior positions are people who grew up in our company. And thanks to the variety of project areas, you will be able to realize your potential with maximum benefit both for the company and for yourself.
  • Training and mentoring. We will contribute to your training and development because employees are the greatest value of the company. Our training program contains modern books, video lessons, project archives, and materials for both professional and personal development. 
  • Decent and timely salary.
  • Professional and cohesive team.
  • In M-VECTOR, you will be able to learn how to coordinate large, relevant, multi-country projects that contribute to the development of the economy and the promotion of positive reforms in the country.
  • Innovation. We follow modern trends in our field and adopt new approaches, standards, and methods in our work.
  • Modern and spacious office – we have everything to organize your comfortable work
  • Participation in corporate events of a versatile format, where you will replenish your inspiration.
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