The happiest people in the world live in Kyrgyzstan

The happiest people in the world live in Kyrgyzstan

85% of Kyrgyz residents feel happy. Kyrgyzstan was also included in the top 5 most optimistic countries in the world. 67% of respondents believe that 2021 will be better than 2020.

Considering by age, it was revealed that the younger the respondents, the more people that are happy among them.

The data was collected through the poll "Voice of the people" (Gallup International Association), the results of which were presented by the research company M-Vector, a member of the International Gallup Association from Kyrgyzstan.

This year, 47 countries of the world participated in the study, so we compared the results for our country with the data in other countries.
The top countries with the most optimistic mood include Nigeria (72%), Azerbaijan (63%), Vietnam (59%), as well as Kyrgyzstan (58%) and India (58%).

If we take the global data, then almost half (43%) of the world's inhabitants are optimistic about 2021, while 46% of the respondents assume that 2021 will be a year of economic difficulties.

The leaders in the list of pessimistic countries are Great Britain (71%), Austria (70%), Italy (67%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (66%), and Bulgaria (64%).


* “Voice of the people” is an annual poll conducted by the Gallup International Association. Authoritative international ratings and country indices on the most important aspects of social moods, economic behavior and culture are derived on its basis. All members of association conduct this study on a pro bono basis, and its results are available to all.
Research company M-Vector is a member of the Gallup International Association from Kyrgyzstan.

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