Renovated studio for phone interviews

Renovated studio for phone interviews

The CATI studio at the M-Vector Uzbekistan office updated. The operator’s work has become even more convenient, and the improved telephone interviewing software allows us to implement our clients' research projects faster than before.

The updated CATI studio held training sessions for our call center operators on how to work with respondents. The main emphasis of training is on the versatility of operators, who can conduct interviews with representatives of various target audiences, including businesses. Much attention is paid to the development of operators' skills. For example, using specialized software, establishing and maintaining contact with the respondent throughout the interview, correctness asking questions, etc.

In addition, we increased the speed of the Internet and expanded the number of IP channels to 47, which improved the speed and quality of calls, and the staff of operators in the Tashkent office reached 40.


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