Presentation of the research results for the Dordoi Plaza shopping center

Presentation of the research results for the Dordoi Plaza shopping center

At M-Vector’s office presented the results of the project "Monitoring the quality of service by the "Mystery Shopper" method", implemented for the Dordoi Plaza shopping and entertainment center.

Project purpose:

  • Study of the quality of service in the shops and food courts of the shopping center "Dordoi Plaza".

Project objectives:

  • Identify shortcomings in the work and appearance of employees that affect the quality of service;
  • Identify shortcomings in sales techniques;
  • Determine the degree of knowledge of the product by consultants/waiters and their ability to provide quality advice;
  • Assess the degree of maintaining order in the trading halls.

Within the framework of the project, visits were made to the shops and food courts of the Dordoi Plaza shopping center.

The quality of service was assessed according to various criteria:

  • Evaluation of service in the store/food court;
  • Assessment of the behavior of the consultant/waiter in the workplace;
  • Maintaining order in the trading floor;
  • Assessment of product knowledge by consultants/waiters during consulting;
  • Ability to work with cross-sales
  • Evaluation of service during the purchase of the product and upon completion of the purchase;
  • Evaluation of the consultant's behavior when returning the goods.

Based on the results of the study, recommendations were developed aimed at the overall improvement of the service.

"It is very important for us to know the needs of visitors to the shopping and entertainment center. The results obtained will be used in further work to improve the quality of customer service,"– said the founder of the shopping center "Dordoi Plaza" Salymbekov Ulugbek Askarovich.

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