Omnibus research Kyrgyzstan 2020

Omnibus research Kyrgyzstan 2020

* Omnibus is research involving several customers. Each of the participants pays only for his part of the questionnaire, which makes it possible to save the budget for conducting the research for each individual omnibus participant and to receive data at the level of the national sample.
Why the omnibus survey is beneficial:

  • Outreach to a large segment of the audience
  • Promptness of received information
  • Cost savings

Information and analysis of answers depending on the social and demographic characteristics of the respondents are provided as a BONUS (free of cost)

Research methodology

  • The sample is representative of the Kyrgyzstan population
  • Target audience: population of Kyrgyzstan aged 18 and older
  • 1000 respondents, 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan, Osh and Bishkek cities are allocated in  separate strata
  • The survey will be conducted using the CATI method (telephone survey)
  • Sampling error: ± 3.1% at the country level with a significance level of 95%
  • Language of the survey: Kyrgyz, Russian
  • Survey start date: November 12, 2020
  • Date of the results submission: December 14, 2020

The cost
1 question costs from $ 100 to $ 350, depending on the specifics and complexity of the question.
You can add any questions that interest you to the project questionnaire. We will be happy to assist you in questions and answer options development.

Project manager: Ekaterina Voronova 
Mob: +996 755 312047

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