Marketing research for FMCG Retail Leader UMAI GROUP

Marketing research for FMCG Retail Leader UMAI GROUP

M-Vector conducted marketing research for FMCG retail leader – UMAI GROUP.

Project objective:

Research of the attitude of residents of Bishkek and Osh cities to the stores of "Umai Group" company (“Globus”, “SPAR”, "Dostor", "Narodnyi")

Main objectives of the research: 

  • Studying the perception of brands of chain stores at the level of spontaneous associations with them, slogans and logos, as well as price perception;
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the leading stores in Kyrgyzstan based on participants' personal shopping experience;
  • Identification of consumer attitudes towards loyalty programs, service, and product assortment.

The research was realized by the method of focus group discussions, in which eight participants shared their experience of shopping in stores for two hours. 

A total of six focus groups were held, which allowed to collect detailed feedback from supermarket visitors, and identify key customer needs and areas for improving the quality of services provided.



Umai Group started its operations in July 2002 and is the largest FMCG operator in the Kyrgyz market. The company operates four retail chains – “Globus”, “SPAR”, “Narodnyi” and “Dostor”.

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