M-Vector's survey on COVID-19 was included in SEAN database

M-Vector's survey on COVID-19 was included in SEAN database

Dear partners,

we want to share some good news.

Our survey on coronavirus has been included in SEAN, international open-access COVID-19 Survey Archive.
The database includes over 60 studies on the pandemic in the United States and over 25 studies in other countries. Only probability-based surveys are accepted for publication.

It is to remind that due to the lack of reliable information on coronavirus situation in Kyrgyzstan and the fact that no any research surveys had been conducted yet, M-Vector with its own resources had taken an initiative to survey population and identify the attitudes and opinions of the Kyrgyzstanis towards COVID-19.

  • Research survey was conducted during the period of 13th to 16th of March using Call Assisted Personal Interviews (CATI).
  • In total 430 respondents were surveyed in this sociological survey from all regions of the Kyrgyzstan.
  • The telephone database was randomly generated (for all 3 nationwide mobile operators), giving the equal chance for every citizen to be selected for the sample.
  • The sample is representative based on regional, urban/rural delineations, gender and age proportions.
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