How to understand the needs of the client and release the best product?

How to understand the needs of the client and release the best product?

There are companies that release a product or service without prior research, without trying to understand precisely what the consumer demands. And there are companies for which it is essential to know the expectations of their consumer and work on the quality of the product. The second option is accurate. It is much more favorable to sell what the customer wants than selling what you are able to produce.

Implementation of an idea into a successful product is an important stage that is solved through marketing research. The research results will help you to build a bridge between customers and your company, and choose the best strategy when launching a product. Using the data of well conducted market research, it is possible to economize huge expenses.

We share with you a fragment of an interview with Alexandra Sviridova, brand manager of the company Abdysh-Ata:

"For the company Abdysh-Ata, the quality of products and satisfaction of customer expectations has always been important. Understanding clients’ need and reaching satisfaction with maximum quality-is the main focus of the company's work.

In order to understand the customer's needs, you need to conduct a large-scale study. Well-conducted research and the results we received helped us to save big budgets. This is better than launching a product blindly and then changing the recipe, rebranding, and restarting advertising. It is much easier and more profitable to conduct research and make a product based on the information received.

Why M-Vector? We know how the system and approach in the work of the M-Vector company is built, that the quality of work is high, thanks to close monitoring of the entire process.

Also, because you are flexible on schedule and on price. You are ready to offer options that are convenient for us, but most importantly, you understand our problem. That is, other companies give some standard solution to our request, while you spend time to study our problem. You also study our product, and participate in the development of checklists, and corresponding questionnaires for consumers. Therefore, it was evident for us that it was more convenient and reliable to work with M-Vector."

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