How SPSS makes the work of the Data Processing Department easier

How SPSS makes the work of the Data Processing Department easier

The M-Vector team tries to automate business processes and choose programs that are best suited for the job. Today we will tell you about SPSS, a statistical data processing program. Why the Data Processing Department uses SPSS in its work:

- SPSS stores both the response codes and their labels. It's easier to look at the database this way

- In tabular reports, questions can be viewed from multiple perspectives, which helps analysts see points of interest and mark them in reports. In Excel, you have to build tables with different sections separately.

- All functions and tools in SPSS are easy to find and easy to understand. Many tools in Excel are hidden in hidden tabs. You have to look for them and figure out how they work.

- It is easier to merge two databases of one project in SPSS because SPSS shows all variables that do not fit in the format or do not exist at all.

- Bases in SPSS are easy to convert to any other format (for example, Excel (both in codes and labels), STATA, etc.)

- The OOD also uses a syntax editor when working in SPSS - writing code to simplify the work:

We can reconcile a single database multiple times (look for errors, send for correction, and look for errors again in the corrected database). It helps reduce the time to find errors because you don't have to do it manually (with your eyes)

We also prepare syntaxes for tabular reports during database reconciliation. It also reduces the department's time by several times.

With the help of syntaxes, you can prepare the layout/design of the database in different languages

With the help of syntaxes, different indicators can be calculated.

The data processing department is constantly updating its knowledge of SPSS and looking for new features that optimize the department and the entire company. It's great for strengthening the team, as everyone shares their findings and knowledge.

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