Exhibition of pictures - M-Vector 25 years

Exhibition of pictures - M-Vector 25 years

For the 25th anniversary of our company, we wanted to do something special. The M-Vector team went through many creative options and decided to settle on the idea of creating 25 paintings as a reflection of our anniversary. The paintings describe our company's activities in 25 significant projects that we implement.

Out of 1500 realized projects we chose those that were the most important, large, and socially significant.

The artists had a fairly difficult task to convey in an artistic language the benefits and importance of the issues that are raised during the projects, through the images, and the combination of colors and colors. Our wonderful artists Aliya Shagieva, Asylkan Talip, Azamat Abakirov, Alexey Klimenko, Adilet Davletov, and Sergey Khudoleyev passed through a huge layer of information and the result is amazing.

Exhibitions of our paintings were organized in the Novotel exhibition hall, in Supara Ethno-Complex, as well as on October 6 at the M-Vector Open Day in our office.

The guests were delighted to visit the exhibitions. The idea of how to present information about projects through visual images left a huge impression on everyone's mind.

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