Customers increasingly prefer online focus group

Customers increasingly prefer online focus group

Due to the epidemiological situation in the world, the customers increasingly prefer online focus group method to the usual “offline” focus groups. Our company has successful experience in implementing online focus groups and is aware of all the features and nuances to achieve the maximum results when using this method of data collection.

Focus group discussion is conducted for an in-depth study of opinions, reactions in a specific target audience or with the aim of finding new creative solutions.

  • Group size is usually 8-10 participants.
  • The duration of discussion, depending on the objectives of the study, ranges from 1 to 3 hours.
  • Group members are selected according to the objectives of the study. For example, the truckers will be invited to FGD to study the patterns of energy drinks consumption, as well as to study the difficulties with irrigation systems - mirabs of the targeted settlements.
  • The discussion is moderated by an experienced sociologist or psychologist.

The peculiarity and the main difficulty in the process of conducting an online focus group is the need to use a special application for video conferencing. Since a fairly large part of the population is still not so actively using smartphones, the Internet, and various applications, instructing and accompanying some participants may take a lot of time. For young participants in FGD, as well as for professionals who often use gadgets, it is easier to figure out how to use the application for video conferencing.

The customer is able to participate in the video conference in real time in person, hear first-hand the answers of the respondents, as well as see their reactions to the questions. In a typical focus group discussion, the customer observes the process from the mirror room.

Benefits of using online focus group discussion method:

  • Transportation costs savings: will be more evident, if the residents of different regions participate in one group, for example, heads of local self-governing authorities.
  • Travel time savings: more evident for those respondents who can easily install the application. For other participants, time necessary for installation and learning may offset the travel time savings.
  • Deeper answers. Due to participation from home in the most comfortable conditions, participants give deeper and more sincere answers.
  • Coverage of more locations. We can invite residents from different parts of the country to online focus groups (for example, we can simultaneously reach residents of the extreme villages of Batken, Naryn, and other areas).
  • The possibility of participation in FGD of persons with reduced mobility.

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