Covid-19 in Kyrgyzstan (infographic)

Covid-19 in Kyrgyzstan (infographic)

At the same time, most of the respondents (54%) are willing to sacrifice their human rights if it helps prevent the spread of Covid-19. For comparison, in March this indicator was 67%.

40% of respondents who participated in the survey think that the Kyrgyz government is handling the Coronavirus well, in March the indicators were similar.

68% of Kyrgyz residents consider that travel restrictions between countries will help in the fight against the spreading of the coronavirus.

The data was collected through the poll "Voice of the people" (Gallup International Association), the results of which were presented by the research company M-Vector, a member of the International Gallup Association from Kyrgyzstan.

“The hype about the coronavirus seems to have subsided. There have been changes in the opinions of Kyrgyz people regarding COVID-19 compared with the beginning of 2020,” noted authors of the survey.

47 countries of the world participated in the survey, so we compared the results for our country with the data in other countries.

Vietnam has the greatest approval for government activities during the pandemic (100% of respondents). This is not surprising, because with a population of almost 100 million people, there were only 1.8 thousand cases (0.0019%).

The list also includes the Republic of Korea (89%), Azerbaijan (86%), India (86%), and Malaysia (79%).

The most considerable criticism in relation to the government actions has Bosnia and Herzegovina, where only 18% of respondents believe that the government is handling the Coronavirus well. Also, a very small part of the respondents positively assesses the activities of their governments in Spain, the United States, and Ukraine.

However, 70% of respondents across the surveyed countries in general are willing to sacrifice some of their human rights if it helps prevent the spread of the virus.


* “Voice of the people” is an annual poll conducted by the Gallup International Association. Authoritative international ratings and country indices on the most important aspects of social moods, economic behavior and culture are derived on its basis.
All members of association conduct this survey on a pro bono basis, and its results are available to all.
Research company M-Vector is a member of the Gallup International Association from Kyrgyzstan.

Geography of the research: 47 countries around the world

A total of 44,796 respondents were interviewed, the sample size in each country is from 400 to 1,800 respondents.

Date of data collection in the KR: W1 – March 2020
                                                       W 2 – November 2020

Date of data collection in other countries: October - December 2020

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