Corporate trip to Issyk-Kul 2022

Corporate trip to Issyk-Kul 2022

In early September, amid the velvet season, the M-Vector Kyrgyzstan team went to Issyk-Kul to enjoy the warm days of passing summer. As one big family, we arrived at Raduga West Resort to celebrate the company's 25th Anniversary. The funny days were ahead.

There were late-night games, talks, dances, team contests, a barbecue party, and many more activities.

Team games on the beach of Issyk-Kul were noisy and filled with fun. The people there cheered for us. Some came with advice on how to win, and some even asked to join our M-Vector company

On the second night, there was a Gala Party, the formal part of our celebration of the Anniversary. The top managers gave solemn speeches and presented the success stories and the company's progress. The night was also full of various entertainments, including quiz games, a lot of dances, contests, birthday cake, and beautiful festive fireworks as the highlight of our trip to Issyk-Kul

The time flew fast as we were having fun because of a well-prepared and interactive program. Having had a great weekend, the team returned to work full of energy and memories.

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